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Welcome to my website dedicated to my huge interest, namely genealogy.

First and foremost the web-site contains an extract of my genealogy database. Most of the basic information is publicly available. However, more detailed information and information related to living individuals are only available for authorized users, i.e. users who login using a user id and a password provided by the web-master. For more details select "View and search the database" under the "Database" menu.

You will also find a collection of scanned images of old postcards.

Furthermore you will find links to various web-sites with good and valuable information related to genealogical research.

By default the language closest to the language defined in your browser will be automatically selected. If you wish to switch language, then you may do so by selecting one of the flags in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Have a good time!

Leif Rasmussen

In memoriam
Alma Vilhelmine Nielsen

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